Worktop Resurfacing

With Leggari’s specially formulated Epoxy Resin we can turn any old worktop into something spectacular. With Leggari you can have any look colour  and style you desire your only limited by your imagination.

flooring epoxy

Designer Epoxy Floor

Designer Epoxy floors are very durable and will last a long time. Epoxy floors will withstand temperature variations, caustic chemicals, repeated cleaning and high traffic. They are easy to clean, non porous and resist mold and bacteria build up. They are not naturally slippery and can be made with non slip coatings. With a wide spectrum of colors to choose from, epoxy coatings can be very attractive and decorative. A wide variety of businesses benefit from epoxy floors such as auto dealerships, restaurants, hospitals, manufacturing plants, hotels airports and schools.

Our ability to produce what our clients design is our forte. We can turn every floor into a work of art.

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